Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Author Interview: Lauren Hammond

Hi Lauren, and welcome to YA Vampire Books!

1. Please tell us a few things about yourself.
Well, my name is Lauren Hammond, and I’m twenty six years old. I enjoy a good book more than anything but, I enjoy writing a good book even more.

2. Your novella Love Sucks was released August 3, tell us a bit about it!

Love Sucks, is a first person narrative told through the eyes of a newborn vampire named Cara Jones. When you first meet Cara, she wakes up buried in the ground, not knowing who or what she has become. This book is about her journey and it will take you through the centuries she lives, and the obstacles she has to overcome.

3. Where did you come up with the idea for Love Sucks?

I actually got my first mental image of Cara Jones while driving in my car. In my mind, I saw her punching her fist through the lid of her coffin and the rest is history. Before I knew it, her story began unfolding in my mind.

4. Cara, the main character in Love Sucks is turned into a vampire. Why did you choose to write about vampires? Have you always been fascinated with the supernatural?

The Supernatural has fascinated me for most of my life. But, I chose to write about a vampire because I wanted to challenge myself and my readers. I put myself in Cara’s shoes and I wanted my readers to put them
selves in her shoes as well. I wanted them to ask themselves what they would do if they were in her situation.

5. Love Sucks is set in 18th century England, if you could visit any place at any time would you choose 18th century England, or where would you go?

I would definitely visit London. There is so much history there and that fascinates me. I would probably pick the 16th century for the time frame I would want to visit London. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth. That’s definitely something I would love to see.

6. Apart from writing novels, you also write screenplays! How do these different from each other? Which is easiest to write for you?

I don’t think either one is more difficult than the other. There are differences in format, and the structure of how each piece is written but, when I get an idea, it’s never difficult for me to write it all down. I have never once experienced writers block. When I get an idea, the whole story is already mapped out in my mind.

7. No writers block? I'm sure many authors would envy that! Are you working on any new projects right now?

Several. I have a new novel that will be out soon called The Truth About Delilah, another one called The Queen Of The Dead, a bio pic I’m co-writing, and the sequel to Love Sucks, A Sucker For Love.

Wow, that sounds interesting!
8. Now that we all want to read Love Sucks, please tell us where we can get it!

You can purchase Love Sucks as a paperback or ebook at , . you can also dowload it for your ebook reader!
I would get your copy now. You never know when I might be stopping through your city!!

9. Favourite…
Honestly too many to count but, right now, the whole Sookie Stackhouse series.
J.K Rowling
Eggplant Parmigiana
Gold Peak’s Iced Tea( It’s seriously addicting)
Vacation spot:
Well hopefully in the future, Europe but, for right now, New York City

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Darlyn said...

Great interview!I havent heard about this book *blush* but it really sounds great since vampires is kind of my fav!Thanks Lauren and Sara!

french arabic said...

I got an interview with my favourite author and I don't know what to wear to the interview. I am a 17 year old male.