Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reading more than one book at the time?

Hello, readers!
Today I have a question for you all! Do you usually read one book at the time, or can you handle reading several books at once?

I'm usually a one book girl myself, but sometimes I find myself starting new books without finishing the one I'm already reading.

Like right now. I'm currently reading Paranormalcy, and I have also started reading A Touch of Dead. Then I have Shadow Souls as an audio book, which I play in my MP3 before going to sleep. As if that isn't enough, I also have a few e-books that I'm currently reading at my laptop!

The result of all this? Lots of unfinished books! Fortunately I'm not mixing up the plotlines, the books are too different for that, I just never seem to be able to finish any of the books!
I really should force myself to finish of these books one at the time, and not start reading more books in the meantime...

What about you? Can you handle reading several books at the same time? Or do you have enough discipline to only read one book at the time? Leave a comment!

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Unknown said...

But just start on 3 books at the same time, and chances are you'll finish 3 books all at once (or close enough)! I always feel quite accomplished :D

I usually have a few books in the juggling pile, only because I have my bedtime reading, my day reading, my waiting-for-appointments, etc. Different places, different books.

I have to admit, though, lately I've been on a one-book mode. Don't know why.

Rebecca said...

I try to read one book at a time but lately I've been on a multiple book reading phase. I think it's because at the moment I'm challenging myself to read a certain number of books by the 12th of february.
But no, I don't have too much problem with getting plotlines crossed.

Jamie Manning said...

I commend you guys that can handle multiple books. At the absolute most I read two, but only because I read one during lunch at work and the other at night before bed. Any more than that and I'd be crazy!

Demitria said...

I usually read three or four at a time...I like to start a new one just before I finish an old one. It's like a wierd ocd cycle. :)

New follower...

Zombie Girrrl said...

I saw this question and I blushed a little thinking of all the book marks shoved in between the pages on my shelf. I only read up to five at a time, actively that is. Sometimes i just sit a book down and forget I was reading it for a long time. Like, it took me all of last year to finish Gathering Blue, and it's a really short book. I just forgot I was reading it a bunch of times.