Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish
Today's subject: "Top Ten Tuesday Rewind - Pick a past TTT that you didn't get a chance to participate in"

Since this is just my second week doing this meme, there were lots of past Top Ten Tuesday's to choose from! My choice:

"Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves"

1. Blurbs who spoils the entire book

If the mysterious new guy is a paranormal creature, let that be a secret! If the back cover reveals that he is a fallen angel out to kill you - why would I want to read 300 pages waiting for the main character to figure that out?

2. When the cover design/book size changes halfway-through a series.

Does anyone care how bad this will look on my bookshelf?

3. Weird character names

Take the Hunger Games books for example: Katniss? Primrose? Peeta? Almost made me throw away the book! (and hello Reneesme - don't think I have forgotten about you! (even if I wish I had))

4. Cheesy epilogues

Seriously - they make me cringe! Take Perfect Chemistry for example - great book until the epilogue *shudders*

5. Series which goes on forever...and ever.. and ever.

And you can tell that the author has run out of ideas - either by re-using a plot idea, or creating a too unbelievable plot (like suddenly throwing in a bunch of Japanese kitsune (fox spirits - Wtf?) when the book originally is about vampires)

6. Too much detail/excessive description

Yada, yada, yada

7. Books with so many characters that a list of them all has to be included in the back of the book. (This also includes dictonaries of foreign words/made-up words)

One word - confusing

8. Books marketed as the "New Twilight"

When the only thing they have in common is romance...

9. Brands, brands, brands.

I don't care wether the main character wears huge black Prada sunglasses, a cute Pucci sundress and gorgeous Gucci heals. Tell me something that's important to the plot instead!

10. Slooooow books

Too slow beginnings might make me put the book aside in favor for another one. I also hate when books have great fast-paced beginnings, then a huge slow section in the middle where nothing happens..

Do you have any pet peeves? Agree/Disagree with mine?

8 kommentarer:

Ange said...

Most of these pet peeves I definitely agree with. Especially when the book size changes right in the middle of a book series. Great Post!

Lacey J Edwards said...

Ha! Great list! I have to say however, that L.J. Smith had intended to only write a certain number of books and the publisher required more. They also fired her recently because she disagreed with how the books should end. A new author is writing/has written the last book in that series. :\

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

I agree with almost all of your pet peeves :) The brand thing is just so annoying same goes for too much description.

Nina said...

I agree with brands. I hate it when it says 'Tiffany is wearing Gucci sunglasses', who cares! ;) Series which goes on forever...and ever.. and ever...yep, so bad!

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

I agree with brands, series that go on forever and book-spoiling-blurbs. Though, I'm ok with slow books, loads of characters/weird words and unusual names. I kinda like Katniss and Primrose, and Peeta is just a different way of spelling Peter, a name I like...
I'd like to add covers that have nothing to do with the plot: pretty dresses are nice, but why, why, why have them when there is *nothing* in the story remotely connected??!!
But that's just me...
Great post!

Brodie said...

Totally agree with a lot of your pet peeves! I loved Perfect Chemistry, but gotta admit the epilogue was kinda cheesy. Brand names in books really frustrates me. I do not care. I don't even know half the brand names mentioned, I'm not into fashion.

Also getting really tired of all the "Twilight" marketing. And while I don't condemn Twilight fans, to me, the romance in it wasn't that great... :/

Great list!

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

Oh god, all the "New Twilights" are KILLING ME. I refuse to pick up a book if it says that on the cover. If you have to piggyback off someone else's success, maybe you should rethink your story. I think the odd character names work in dystopian books though. It's a sign of a different world. And Katniss is so extraordinary, I honestly couldn't imagine her being called something as commonplace as, say, Ashley.

Lola said...

Great list! I really enjoyed reading it! :)