Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cover Combat: The Truth About Forever

In Cover Combat a Swedish cover is being compared to the US/UK cover of the same book. Today I'm comparing the covers of The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen.

US cover:

Swedish cover:

I adore both these covers - they are so pretty! If I have to choose a favorite, I'll be patriotic and chose the Swedish cover ;)

Which cover do you prefer?

3 kommentarer:

YA Book Queen said...

The Swedish cover is so cute! Although I think I'll go US, I love the simplicity of it :)

Bere said...

This was the very first book I read by Sarah and it is still one of my favorites. I had never seen the Swedish cover but I have to say that I like it. But, I love flowers so I'm sticking with the US cover ;).

Nina said...

I like both covers. I like the 'sneakers' the girl is wearing on the Swedish cover. Nice. ;) I will go for the Swedish cover. ;)