Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Review: Blue Bloods Series

Hey guys!
So, I wrote a post about the Blue Bloods books by Melissa de la Cruz the day before yesterday, and I thought you might want to know my thoughts about the books. So, enjoy!

I've read the three first books in the series, Blue Bloods, Masquerade and Revelations. There's also a fourth book published that I haven't had the chance to read yet; The Van Alen Legacy. But the story doesn't end there, according to Melissa, there will be at least TEN books in the Blue Bloods series!

The first thing that strikes me about the Blue Bloods series is it's similarity to The Elite series by Jennifer Banash - both series are set in New York among the rich and the famous teens.

Schuyler - Casey
The main character in both books are a girl that doesn't fit in among her classmates. She's wearing old, outdated clothes instead of Prada and Gucci. She is a bit shy and doesn't have that many friends, so she's living her life in the background - until the most popular guy in school notices her. . .

Mimi - Madison
The queen bee - blond, popular and spoiled. Always wearing trendy clothes and accessories, and mocking people with lower status than herself (= everyone). She's dating the most popular guy in school - until he suddenly shows interest in the geeky, gray mouse (Schuyler/Casey). But she thinks he belongs to her, and she will do
anything to get him back!

Jack - Drew
The most popular boy in school, has been dating Mimi/Madison since like forever, but he's starting to get bored, and then suddenly he notices the interesting Schuyler/Casey. . .

See the similarities?
So basically The Blue Bloods is like The Elite - but with Vampires, murder and
very old traditions.

As for the Vampire aspect of the book, Melissa has managed to create her own kind of vampires. They are not changing into vampires until they reach their higher teenage years, and there is creatures that feeds of/kills vampires. Melissa's vampires live in cycles, and is most likely reborn into the same position/family after they die. They are also supposed to live with the same partner in every cycle, and there's where the problems between Mimi, Jack and Schuyler begins!

This a great vampire series; not the best series I've read, but far from the worst! So if you like vampires, The Elite, Gossip Girl etc. Try these books out!

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prophecygirl said...

I'm really looking forward to reading these when they're published here next year. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

cool i love this sceries