Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Review: Dark Reunion

Title: The Vampire Diaries; Dark Reunion
Series: The Vampire Diaries (Book 4)
Author: L. J. Smith
Released: 1992

As a psychic, Bonnie has dreams of Elena in the Other World. But the dreams quickly turn frightening. There is a terrible new enemy stalking Fell’s Church, killing young girls. Elena’s friends call for Stefan and get both him and Damon—but whose side is Damon on? The ending is the most surprising yet for Elena!

The fourth Vampire Diaries
book revolvs mostly around Bonnie - not Elena. Elena is still in the books, but more as a minor character. Bonnie is the main protagonist, and now she's the one who gets all the guys! (Poor Meredith!)
I've never really liked Elena, she's a bit selfish and self-absorbed (and I honestly don't get why all the other characters in the book seemed to love her so much), so I was glad to read the book from Bonnie's point of view instead. Bonnie is more likeable - she might be a bit wimpish, but she's brave when it's needed and she has a big heart. Bonnie is also the person who has the closest relationship to Damon - and the person who trusts him the most. I would love to see more of a love story between those two!

I loved how the frosty relationship between Stefan and Damon melted and developed in this book. They really like each other at heart - but they're both too stubborn and proud to admit it. It was fun to see them working together and helping each other.

I also loved how we got to see more sides of Damon in this book, the series started of with Damon being a dangerous, mean bad-boy vampire. But that's only a facade. He cares about Bonnie, Meredith and other humans more than he wants to admit!

This book was really good until the ending - it wasn't what I had hoped for and it felt too unreal and happily-ever-after. I felt like the Elena-thing in the ending was unnecessary, it just felt fake and over-the-top. It really spoiled the book for me - I liked Bonnie as the main charcter, then selfish Elena got all the attention - again.

Rating: 3.5 of 5
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