Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vampire of the Week

Vampire of the Week is a semi-weekly feature on my blog. For more information, go here.

And this week's Vampire of the Week is. . .

. . . Josef Kostan from Moonlight!

Josef Kostan (a.k.a. Charles Fitzgerald) is a 400 year-old vampire living in Los Angeles, and he is Mick's mentor and friend. Little is known about Josef's background. He stated that he was 4 in 1603 which means he was born in 1599 and is currently 409 years old. He has stated that he was once chased by an 'angry torch-bearing mob' in his past and has also stated that he did very unforgivable things when he was first turned, which he described as "going completely insane." Nowadays Josef is a businessman who does not stint himself in luxuries, from an expensive house to the company of numerous beautiful women who are more than happy to sate his desire for blood.

Josef's personality is laid back and easy going. He's sarcastic and witty, a play boy and Mick St. John's best friend. He's a hedge funder and CEO of Kostan Industries. He, unlike Mick, doesn't get his blood from the morgue but fresh from the vein. He's not ashamed of what he is and doesn't see the need to hide the fact that he kills people. Although he comes off as an uncaring, sarcastic play boy, it's all just for show. Josef is actually very caring underneath the mask he wears.

Josef: "Hey, you have a soft spot for the mortal ones. A fascination with all the charming things they do while listening to the tick tick tick of their own looming demise, that's fine, that's good. Everyone needs a hobby."

Josef Kostan is played by Jason Dohring. Jason was born in Ohio, USA in 1982, and is mostly known for playing the part of Logan Echolls in the TV-show Veronica Mars.

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Unknown said...

I was so sad when this show was cancelled. It was one of the good ones that got lost in the writer's strike.

Unknown said...

Gosh I miss that show!!!

Misty said...

Jason Dohring! God, I love him.

Unknown said...

I LOVED him as a vamp and as Logan!!