Saturday, July 9, 2011

Author Interview: Jacob Jones

Hi Jacob, and welcome to YA Vampire Books!

1.Please tell us about your upcoming read The Septavalent Stone!
The Septavalent Stone is a young adult novel set in two countries, Nigeria and Ukraine. It's about a boy called Andrew, who has a mother who is paranoid about almost everything including her brother Uncle Jeffery, and who is also not as normal as other mothers are. He gains admission into a medical school in Ukraine but on getting there, he discovers it's not just a medical school, it's actually a medico-magical school where all sorts of creatures are treated, ghosts are kept dead and healthy. As the story unfolds, Andrew discovers new secrets about his family and himself, he also discovers a cousin he never knew existed, and realizes that there is more to his mother's lies and paranoia than meets the eyes.

2.The name Jacob Jones is probably new to most readers, share some facts about yourself!
I am a humble Nigerian boy just looking to have a good time doing what I can and like, writing. While I am not writing though, I am studying to become a medical doctor. I am obsessed with anything magic related, mythology related and superstitious beliefs, folk-tales paranormal stufffs without the romance bit. I am also a good Christian.

3. You just graduated from college, and are pretty young for being a writer. Have you always known that you wanted to become an author?
I have always loved writing, it was only recently though that I knew that anyone could get published, I mean I always thought that to get your book in print, you must have done something extraordinary or you needed to be really rich and know a lot of top people.

4. The Septavalent Stone is filled with magic and supernatural beings, do you belive in any supernatural creatures like ghosts or vampires?
1.Yes, as a matter of fact I do believe in the supernatural but in a moderate kind of way. I don't believe in ghosts however, or vampires, and if I ever see any of them, I seriously think it'll be the scariest day for them. I do believe in angels on the other hand.

5. If any of my readers would like to find out more about you or your writing, where can they find the information?
I am on twitter:!/jacobolisajones, I have a blog:, and finally a face book fan page:!/pages/JO-Jones/185381468163807.

Four 'This or That':
Summer or Winter
Reading or Writing
or Pepsi
Europe or Africa

Three favorites:
-Author: Chimaamanda Adichie
-Book: Half Of a Yellow Sun
-Movie: Pirates of the Caribean 4, I had to rewrite a water scene in one of my novels (not sure if it will ever be published) because they were almost identical and lets face it who are you going to believe thought of it first, seriously, and it was very weird.

Two Dreams:
-Job: A fulfilled write and part-time doctor.
-Vacation: Hanging out with real friends, there aren't many nowadays.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and good luck with your writing!

Jacob Jones is the author of The Septavalent Stone (August 1, 2011)

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