Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun-Post Friday: Homeland's Yays!

Hilda from The Dip-Files made a post called Homeland's Yays a few weeks ago, it was a lot of fun to read hers, and everyone else's lists, so I figured I should make one of my own!

The rules are simple; All you have to do is share what your favorite 10 things about where you live are!

Here's my list, my 10 favorite things about living in Sweden!

1. Summer
When the rain stays away, summer time in Sweden is actually very nice! It's never unbearably hot (around 90 F max.) and the beaches are close by! From June to August there are a lot of happenings in my hometown - festivals, concerts, tournaments and lots of tourists = fun!

2. The welfare system.
Free dental- and medical care until your 20 is quite nice! Getting money for studying or when you're unemployed is nice too.

3. Language.
Here's one thing you English speaking people never'll experience: being in another country were no one understands your native language is a lot of fun! No one knows what you're saying and you can gush or trash talk as much as you want!

4. Being proud of Swedes that become known in the US/UK.
For you, having an American artist on the top list in an European country, or an athlete on top of the winners' stand in WC are nothing special - that happens all the time. But when you're from such a small country as Sweden, you're sooo proud over your world-known residents. Just ask me and I'll start to ramble about IKEA, ABBA, H&M, Alexander SkarsgÄrd, Roxette, Alfred Nobel . . .

5. Walk- and Bicycle paths!
Oh, how you Americans love your cars! You're family owns multiply cars, and you drive EVERYWHERE, no matter if the place you're going to is half a mile away, or if you just want a parking spot closer to the store you're going to next. In Sweden you see, we have this thing called bicycles, and we're actually able to go by bike everywhere. Both my parents and I go by bike to work and school for example, it's and half an hour ride away, but we're not complaining. My family own ONE car, which we rarely use - just to go to the grocery store.

6. The CANDY
I've been to the US, and trust me - your grocery stores lack in the candy department (your chips supply is good though). THIS is how candy is supposed to look like:

Get it? And don't come here talking about "Swedish fish" - those bring shame to the Swedish candy. I suggest you go to Sweden and try real Swedish fish. So.Much.Better.

7. Close to "the continent"
Here's a perk about living in southern Sweden, you're close to the other countries in Northern Europe. From my house it takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes to reach Denmark, and from there it's close to Germany and the rest of Europe. :)

8. Peace (Anyone noticing that I'm out of ideas?)
Sweden hasn't been at war since 1814, which is good I guess! If some country would attack Sweden though, we'd be so. unprepared. So don't get any ideas xD

9. Mormor & farmor
In English you say "grandmother", in German you say "Grossmutter". In Swedish? Well, we say "mormor" if we're talking about our mum's mum, or "farmor" if we talk about our dad's mum. Smart, huh? Same thing goes for grandfather (morfar-farfar), aunt (moster-faster) and uncle (morbror-farbror). No need to ask "which" grandmother you're talking about!

10. I'm out of ideas. . . you help me! What do you think would be great about living in Sweden? Go to wikipedia for more information about Sweden!

You're more than welcome to make blog posts about the best things about living in your town/country, or just leave your lists in the comments! Go to Hilda's blog to learn her favorite things about living in Shanghai!

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Lola said...

I had no idea that you lived in Sweden! That's so cool! :) Thanks for the list! It's great to learn more about you and your country!

Rent Books said...

I've heard Sweden is a great place to live... and they have a very high savings rate! One of the highest in the world. Maybe I should move to Sweden and get a job...