Saturday, June 19, 2010


During the last weeks I have received a few awards. Here they are:

The Honest Scrap Award

After receiving this award you most confess TEN! facts about yourself and pick 10 others fellow bloggers on your blog to reward this Award to also!

The Versatile Blogger award

The rules of the award are to share some things about yourself and to pass the award along.

So, it sounds like I have to come up with some random facts about me! We'll see how that goes. . . Ok, let's go!

1. I think that my taste of music is much better than everyone else's. (Unless we have the same taste of course!)
2. If I had to be an animal, I'd like to be a penguin. (They're cute!)
3. I might be obsessed with bridges. (I used to have weird bridge dreams when I was younger)
4. I still think that I'm 18/19. That's the perfect age. I always have to remind myself that I'm a couple of years older than that.
5. I love skylines, and would love photo wallpaper with a skyline in my room
6. Or a graffiti painting - I love graffiti too.
7. I've spent the last week in front of the TV watching the World Cup (even though my home country isn't participating)
8. Today the crown princess of Sweden is getting married.
9. I really hope that she'll wear a modern wedding gown.
10. But it would have been so much more fun if Prince William & Harry were going to the wedding. (They're watching soccer instead! :( )

If you're an old follower you might remember that I have received, and passed on, the Honest Scrap award before. Here's that post.

So, today I'm just passing on the Versatile Blogger award! And the lucky bloggers are:

Ria from The Beacoup Review
Leilani from Leilani Loves Books
Adriana from Loves To Read
Little Miss Becky from Stories & Sweeties
Heather H. from Beside the Norm
Amanda from Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick
Sarah from Book Reviews from inside an Igloo
Morgan from Smitten With Books
Darlyn from dArLyN & bOoKs
Nina from J'adorehappyendings

But that's not all! I have also received

The Most Amazing Follower Award
And this one goes out to all my followers! Yep, all 230(!) of you, you're all awesome! Thanks for following!

1 kommentarer:

Heather R. Holden said...

Ditto on penguins being cute. (Not sure if I'd want to be one, though!)

I'm also constantly thinking that I'm 18/19, even though I'm 21 now. Every time I remember how old I really am, it's such a head trip. (The years go by WAY too fast.)

Oh, and thanks for the blog award. :)