Monday, November 9, 2009

Vampire of the Week!

. . . it's James from Twilight!

Okay, I know, I know maybe James isn't the nicest vampire out there. . . But who said that a vampire has to be nice? I'm pretty sure I didn't! Let's repeat: Conditions for being elected Vampire of the Week 1) The person needs to be a vampire 2) The person needs to be hot.
Told ya - nothing said about niceness! ;)

James was a nomadic vampire who fed from (and killed) humans. He was part of a vampire coven that consisted of himself, his mate Victoria and Laurent.
James was a very talented tracker, and he saw the hunting as a game and a challenge.
When James met Bella he became obsessed of hunting her down and kill her, and he almost succeeded . . .

Hmm. . .what are you doing? Oh, you're killing Bella! Okay, don't mind me, carry on.

James was killed by the Cullens. (See, they weren't that nice either!)

Cam Gigandet played James in the Twilight movie. Cam is the ultimate bad-boy actor and has portrayed the villain several times, for example Kevin Volchok in the OC and Ryan in Never Back Down.
Cam Gigandet was born 1982 in Washington, USA.

And that's way Cam Gigandet's James is our Vampire of the Week!

Who's your favorite Vampire?
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cmushikittygirl said...

james is my sexy bitch stay off him ok if you're a girl do you want to share him in other words if you're a boy you might want to eat bella with him i wouldn't eat that girl if she was drentched in hot sause well have fun with this website thing ok mate
chelsey lawrence

Di said...

F***! They are all hot!!!! (keep the good work)