Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vampire of the Week

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And today's Vampire of the Week is. . .

Carlisle Cullen!

Why does Carlisle deserve to be Vampire of the Week?

Well, Carlisle Cullen is probably the kindest, most human-friendly vampire ever. When he first turned into a vampire he refused to drink blood, and tried to kill himself in every possible way. Carlisle didn't succeed though, and finally his blood lust became to strong and he fed from a deer. Since then animal blood is all Carlisle has been drinking, and he has passed on his philosophy to his family. Carlisle has also devoted his life to helping humans, and is a skillful doctor.

Stregone Carlisle Benefice Cullen was born in 1640 as a son to an Anglican pastor. When he was 23 he was attacked by a vampire and left to die on the streets, but Carlisle survived and the rest is, as they say, history.

Carlisle Cullen is played by Peter Facinelli. Peter was born in New York in 1973, and has many roles in movies and TV series on his résumé. Peter is married to Beverly Hills actress Jennie Garth, and they have three daughters together.

7 kommentarer:

Anonymous said...

hes sooo hottie xD

brizmus said...

Carlisle is such a NICE vampire! You gotta love him!

Unknown said...

Go Carlisle!
Wanna play doctor? lol

Bere said...

Very handsome indeed! ;)

Nina said...

I love this guy, he's so beautiful.

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

Yes, Carlisle must be the kindest vampire ever!

Peter is one of those guys who gets better looking with age. I had to check out some of the older photos of him on IMDB and he is much more of a handsome guy now than back in 1998.

-Ria xo said...

Ooooh! I love Carlisle!
He's so kind!