Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 3 of 2010: Best Male Characters

Best Male Characters of 2010:

1. Adam Vader -The Boys Next Door & Endless Summer
Adventurous, fun, and totally adorable. Adam is a boy who makes you swoon!

2. Dimitri & Adrian - Vampire Academy
If Rose can't make up her mind about these two great guys, how would I be able to make a choice?

3. Nicholas Drake - Hearts at Stake
Hilarious and hot - the two best qualities in a guy!

3 Honorable Mentions

Tod - Soul Screamers: Sweet, protective and funny. Watch out Top 3!

Etienne St. Claire - Anna and the French Kiss: The world's best friend?

Myrnin - Morganville Vampires: Crazy yet adorable!

This is part TWO of FIVE "Top 3 of 2010" posts. The other parts are:
+ Best Female Characters
+ Best Series
+ Biggest Disappointments

3 kommentarer:

Darlyn said...

I totally like Adrian and I can't wait to know who is Rose's going to choose!

Ladybug said...

I like Adrian, Dimitri and Nick as well <3 Excellent choices. The first one I'm not familiar with.

Bere said...

I love Nicholas! This series is awesome. Great list, Sara! =D