Friday, March 18, 2011

Mini Challenge

Princess Bookie is hosting a Mini Challenge as a part of her huge Contest Craze. The challenge is to post one of your favourite love triangles, from books, movies or TV.

I've decided to post about the Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle from The Vampire Diaries! I adore this TV series, it's so good! And I enjoy reading the books too, I'm currently reading The Return: Shadow Souls.

Let's hear it for the two hot contenders for Elena's heart, Stefan and Damon Salvatore:

Yes, to make it even more intriguing the two contenders are brothers! And that's not all. They have also competed for another young girl's heart a century ago.

How that love triangle ended? Well, they both died and became vampires...


+ Safe, caring and trustworthy. Stefan always has your back, and would do anything to keep you safe. From everyone else, and from himself. He refuses to drink human blood, even if it would make him stronger.

- Well, comparing to his brother, some people would say that Stefan is a bit boring and too safe. He likes to be in the background, and won't do anything to bring attention to himself.


+ Fun, flirty and full of snarky comments. Damon never lets you have a dull moment. He's adventerous, dangerous and really badass. And he isn't one to say no to a challenge...or a good fight.

- Damon can't be trusted. He only cares about his own interests and might end up killing you or the people you love - without any hesitation.

My favourite?

Do you even have to ask? I'm always rooting for the bad boy, and Damon is irresistible! He is fun and flirty one moment, only to change into a dangerous beast the next - but that's just part of his appeal, isn't it?

So tell me, are you TEAM STEFAN or TEAM DAMON?

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Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Girl...I'm Team Damon any day. Totally. He has a way better heart (deep DEEP down) than Stefan. Plus, he totally loves Elena. You can just tell. Stefan's a sissy ;)

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Love this love-triangle! I'm kind of undecided: I haven't read all the books... Stefan's more trustworthy, sweet... Damon's just plain irresistable (gotta love a bad boy)... Ah, too hard! How about them rolled into one? ;)

Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you love my review so much! And Delirium was just amazing.
It sure was a lot! It's possible I may have gone OTT... just possibke though. (:
Thanks, hope you get them soon!

Have a great weekend!

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Ooh, just thought of another love-triangle - readers who haven't finished Vampires Academy look away - Rose, Dimitri and Adrian. It's not a proper triangle really, but I liked it a lot!

And I'm really curious about Secret Circle too: I'll tell you what I think when I've read it!