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Mini Reviews XVI: Runaway, It's Not Summer Without You & Eye Candy

Title: Runaway
Series: Airhead (Book #3)
Author: Meg Cabot

Talk about saving the best for last! This series has gotten better with every installment, and Runaway is definitely the best of them all! This book's got it all: romance, great friendship, conspiracies, action, mystery and shocking revelations! The dark secret that Stark Corporations has been hiding turns out to be a very creepy one!

The main character, Em, is another proof of Cabot's talent for creating loveable heroins. Sure she may be stubborn and even stupid sometimes, but she was such a nice person who cared for everyone and put everyone else in the first place - even if it meant risking her own life.

And since this is a Cabot book we're talking about, you can be absolutely certain that there is a swoonworthy love interest in the picture! In this series, he is called Christopher. Christopher has gone from a funny nerd in book one, to a hot, stubborn "bad boy" in this book. And how can you not like a bad boy with messy hair and a leather jacket, who does everything to protect you and refuse to let you take the fall all by yourself?

Of course, with two stubborn main characters with a hero complex, they're destined to get into a few fights... But can they learn how to trust each other and rely on each other in the end? And can they work together to take down Stark Corporations? You'll have to read and see!

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Title: It's Not Summer Without You
Series: Summer (Book #2)
Author: Jenny Han
This book was much, much better than the first book (The Summer I Turned Pretty)! The chapters are still a mix of present time and memories from previous years, and are told from both Belly's and Jeremiah's points of view. I think the characters were more developed in this book, and I understood their actions better.
I don't know what it is with this series that makes me rooting for the underdog! While I read The Summer I Turned Pretty I wanted Belly to end up with Jeremiah, but now I'm hoping she will get together with Conrad! I wonder if I will be happy with the desicion she makes in the last book, We'll Always Have Summer...? A book I really look forward to reading, by the way! I hope this series will continue to grow on me.

If you like contemporary books, this might be a nice series for you ro try!

Rating: 4 of 5

Title: Eye Candy
Author: Tera Lynn Childs

Eye Candy is an adult novel Tera wrote a few years ago, but since it hasn't been sold and published since then, she decided to post the novel on her blog instead. So last year she started to post a new chapter every Friday, and on Valentine's Day the last chapters were posted.

I will start by saying how much I appreciated Tera's initiative to share her unpublished novel with her readers! I couldn't wait for Friday to come around so I could read the next Eye Candy

Eye Candy is about Lydia, a woman in her thirties. Her fiancé cheated on her a couple of years ago, and now she is stuck with a job she doesn't like, no boyfriend and a serious candy addiction.
But when Lydia tells her co-workers a white lie about her "new boyfriend", all that is starting to change. Lydia and her new boyfriend is invited to a party, so she is forced to rent a date who's work is to pretend that he is her boyfriend. Insert Phelphs, a hot, young, adventure-seeking model who is about to turn Lydia's life upside down and disturb her well rehearsed routines.
But when things Lydia thought she know turns out to be uncorrect, her life turns out to be even more complicated, and the fight for her heart escalates.
I like how this book is not just about Lydia's love life, but also about her career and personal development. And I have to say that Phelphs was such a hottie! Team Phelps all the way :)
Rating: 4 of 5

Read Eye Candy at Tera's blog, or buy the e-book for only $0.99

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Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Great mini reviews, Sara! I just finished We'll Always Have Summer (the third book in the Summer series), and I actually really liked it! Will you go on to the next book now?

Bere said...

Awesome mini reviews, Sara! I have yet to read either of these series but they both do sound very good. I think I just might have to check them out. Also Eye Candy sounds really great. Need to check it out too. Thank you! =)