Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun-Post Friday: Who's Your Vampire Lover?

Who's your Vampire Lover? Do this quiz and find out!

I have to say, I'm happy over my result! Take a look at these vampires:

The Heroic Vampire

You love a man who’s romantic and likes to seek justice. That’s why your perfect vampire match is Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in “Twilight,” David Boreanaz as Angel in “Angel,” Wesley Snipes as Blade in “Blade” or Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy in “Blood Ties” (pictured from left to right). He’s the type of vampire lover who will want to protect you and others from harm, and he has a strong sense of wanting to be part of a larger moral good. Just remember that being with a self-righteous do-gooder can have its drawbacks, and it can bite you in the end if things are taken to the extreme.

Which Vampire/Vampires did you get?

Fan(g) Girl

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brizmus said...

I got the same thing you did!! :-)

maggiemay said...

I refuse to give lifetime any more hits. I'd have to tell you without taking the quiz my favorite vampire lover would have to be Henry Fitzroy, skillfully played by Kyle Schmid. Lifetime staked this show way too early and ignored fans requests to bring it back. Henry Fitroy was a vampire with a soul, he didn't sparkle, he couldn't go out in the sun, he was the quintessential definition of what a true vampire should be. Although in a way he might have been a bit different than most other vampires as he kept his soul and had a sense of right and wrong.

Here's a link for the rest of the story: