Monday, January 11, 2010

Vampire of the Week

Well, well it's time for 2010's first Vampire of the Week! (Aren't you excited? I'm excited!)

And the Vampire who receives the honor of being the first VoW of 2010 is . . .

GODRIC from True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries!

I finished watching season 2 of True Blood recently, and my favorite character of the season (after Eric, of course) was Godric! So of course he had to be the Vampire of the Week :)

In human years, Godric would've been about sixteen when he'd been made vampire. There is no telling how many years ago that had been, but surely over two thousand years. Godric may be small in stature and youthful appearing, but he is extremely powerful and wise. Godric is the vampire sheriff of Area 9, a designation for an area including Dallas, Texas. Eric Northman claims "there are none above him in the New World," referring to the physical power he has accumulated as the oldest vampire in North America. Godric is depicted as being friendly toward humans, interested in their well-being, and supportive of a peaceful co-existence between vampires and human beings.

Godric is played by Allan Hyde . Allan was born in Denmark in 1989.

12 kommentarer:

Zombie Girrrl said...

Nice bio! The last picture is kinda creepy. =\

Unknown said...

Great pick! I love him in True Blood.

brizmus said...

wow - he's so much younger than I thought he was. He's so not cute at all, but somehow seeing him in True Blood, with his amazing niceness, made him almost hot!

Unknown said...

Omg I loved LOVED him on True - I was soooo sad when he killed himself he's hot I had never seen him before but WOW yep, he's hot! LOL

Unknown said...

Great choice. The pic is a litle scary but great at the same time!

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Omg I loved Godric! I may have cried a smidge when he "died" :)

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

I cried when Godric died too :) Allan Hyde is kind of handsome =D I love it that there's been two Scandinavian actors in TB!

Sara said...

Book Crazy Jenn, Melissa & Ladybug: I know! I was sooo sad when he killed himself! I wished he would change his mind, so I could enjoy the sight of him in more episodes!

And, yeah, totally cool that there's been two Scandinavian actors in True Blood! Scandinavians rule ;) Just waiting for a Norwegian actor now, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

I loved Godric on TB. Too bad he's dead now. But at least we still have Eric!!!

Di said...

He is gorgeous!!!! I love True Blood is my favorite! Di from Portugal

Amanda The Awesome! said...

im too obsesive over this person! hes like 20, if i was him id quite freeked out!

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