Saturday, March 27, 2010

Contests around the Blogosphere (Week 12)

Here's a list of some great international contests I've discovered recently:

¤ Win a signed and personalized copy of The Body Finder @ Frankie Writes!
Not only will you win a signed copy of the book, you will also win some fantastic swag, including a tote bag, a poster & stickers! Contest ends March 30th. If you enter this contest, please tell Frankie that Sara from YA Vampire Books sent you! :)

¤ Win a copy of Sing Me To Sleep @ Serenehours
This is a book I've heard great stuff about! Contest ends March 31st.

¤ 30 Followers Contest @ Book Reviews From Inside an Igloo
Two winners gets their choice of book (max $20) from The Book Depository! Ends March 31st.

¤ 300 Followers Contest @ I Was A Teenage Book Geek
Lauren is celebrating 300 followers with a chance for you to win 3 books! Contest ends April 6th.

¤ 500 Followers Contest @ Books At Midnight
Win Scones and Sensibility and your choice of The Naught List or Split. Contest ends April 9th.

¤ Win a few books over at Princess Bookie!
There are 3 different ways to get entries into this contest, if you do all 3, you'll get the chance to win 3 books. If you only enter by doing 2 of 3 things - then if you win, you'll win 2 books, and so on. If you do win, you'll pick a number and win the book with that number on it! Contest ends April 11th.

¤ Win Rules of Attraction @ Pure Imagination!
I almost didn't tell you about this contest, cause I want to win so bad! haha. But I figured good deeds comes back to you, right? Contest ends April 13th.

¤ The Body Finder Contest @ Sarah's Random Musings
This is your chance to win a signed copy of the Body Finder, along with lots of swag! This contest ends April 15th. If you enter, please tell Sarah that Sara from YA Vampire Books sent you! :)

¤ Reading With Tequila is celebrating 500 Followers with a Series Giveaway!
There are 10 series (59 books) to choose from, and right now there will be 4 different winners, winning 3-2-1-1 books each. Contest ends April 20th. If you enter, please tell Jennifer that Sara from YA Vampire Books sent you! :)

¤ Random Big Giveaway @ Juiciliciousss Reviews!
Two very lucky winners will receive a USPS ReadyPost Medium Box stuffed with YA books! That's up to 9 books, if you're lucky. Contest ends April 21st.

¤ 300 Followers Contest @ YA Book Queen
This is your chance to win one of two super hyped 2010 releases - Before I Fall & The Sky Is Everywhere plus an ARC of your choice! Contest ends April 23rd.

¤ Can I Be Your Book Fairy Contest @ Ramblings Of a Teenage Bookworm!
Faye is giving one lucky winner a box filled with 12 (TWELVE) or more (!) books! Isn't that awesome? Books included are for example: Before I Fall, The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June, and Sing Me To Sleep. Contest ends April 25th. Faye, you can totally be my book fairy!

¤ Mega International and Fantastic YA Box Contest @ The Bookologist!
The winner gets to choose one box with 4 ARCs! Included books are for example Forgive My Fins, Sea & Linger. Contest ends April 26th.

¤ Massive Book Giveaway @ Steph Bowe's Hey! Teenager of the Year
Steph is celebrating one year of blogging with a contest! Right now there are 2 winners, but with every new 50 followers 1 more winner will be added - so spread the word! Contest ends April 30th.

Wow, that is a looong list with awesome contests! I think there's almost enough prizes for all of us ;)

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Bere said...

Awesome contests! Thanks so much for posting
about them! Off to check them out hehe =)