Friday, March 5, 2010

Contests around the Blogosphere

Right now, there are lots of great international contests going on on different book blogs! Here are a few of them that I've discovered recently:

** Win
ARCs a Critique or a Blog Design @ Hey! Teenager of the Year. Ends March 5!

** 50+ Followers Contest @ YA Addict! The winner picks one of five new and very anticipated books! Ends March 12.

** Lucky In Love Contest @ Jennifer's Musings
Author Jennifer Laurens is giving away a prize pack including her four YA books, some candy, and a packet of amazing feather wing tip lashes! Contest ends March 14th!

** Alexandra Bracken is celebrating her soon-to-be released novel Brightly Woven with a huge contest! Enter before March 16th!

** 75 Followers Contest @ Imagination in Focus. Win a book of your choice! Ends March 16th.

** 25 Followers Contest @ I Just Wanna Sit Here And Read. Ends March 26th.

** Win an ARC of Liar @ Handle Like Hendrix. This contest ends March 29th!

** Win Before I Fall and/or The Sky is Everywhere @ Reading Nook. Ends March 31st.

** 500 Followers Contest @ Dark Faerie Tales. Four winners and lots of books to choose from! Ends March 31st.

** Win a signed copy of one of four books in the Spellmans series @ Strange and Random Happenstance! Contest ends April 5th.

** Ridiculously Awesome Contest @ Bloody Bookaholic! There will be 7 winners. The first place is open to everyone in the world, place 2-7 is for North America only. Contest ends April 18th.

Good luck everyone!

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Morgan said...

Thanks so much for the links to the wonderful contests. I'll defiantly check them all out.

And just to let you know: I passed a couple awards onto you over at my blog. You can see them here:

Bere said...

Awesome contests! Thanks for letting us know! =)