Friday, March 5, 2010

Humane Award + Blogger Buddie Award

Humane Award
A big thank you to Velvet from vvB32 Reads

This award is to honor certain bloggers that are kindhearted individuals. They regularly take part in my blog and always leave the sweetest comments. If it wasn't for them, my site would just be an ordinary book review blog. Their blogs are also amazing and are tastefully done on a daily basis. I thank them and look forward to our growing friendship through the blog world.

Rule: Nominate 10 bloggers you feel deserve the Humane Award.

My nominations:
1. Book Crazy Jenn
2. Lily's Book Shelf
3. Bere from Sueños En La Luna
4. Melissa from I Swim For Oceans
5. Lea from YA Book Queen
6. Nina from J'adore Happy Endings
7. Ladybug from Escape In a Book
8. Brizmus from Brizmus Blogs Books
9. Morgan from Smitten With Books
10. Lori from Escape Between the Pages

And since I like you guys so much, I'm also giving you this award:

Too cute for words, isn't it?

I've got this one from Lily's Bookshelf! Thank you!

9 kommentarer:

Aik said...

Congrats to all 10 bloggers! I love the picture! So cute! :)

Christine Danek said...

Congrats to the winners!

Book Crazy Jenn said...

Aww thank you (((HUGGLES))) you deserve these awesome awards :)

Morgan said...

Thank you so much, you're so sweet! And you totally deserved these awards. Congratulations on all the other awesome bloggers these two awards were passed onto!

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for the award, and congratulations on your definitely deserve them! I love your blog :)

Nina said...

Congrats with getting those awards and thank you for passing it on to me. Always fun to get awards and I appreciate it! :)

Aye.Me? said...


And this is probably annoying, but I have a couple more awards for you!

dArLyN said...

congratulations on the awards!

Bere said...

Congratulations Sara! I totally love your
blog, very cool! And really thanks so much for
passing them along to me, I'm so honored =)