Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rules of Attraction Book Trailer

Simone Elkeles has finally (I've been waiting for weeks!) posted the book trailer for Rules of Attraction!!

Sooo how much do you want April 27th to be today?
I love this book trailer! (How hot aren't Carlos & Alex? *fainting*)
I can't wait to read Rules of Attraction, I loved Perfect Chemistry, and this book sounds just as good!

Here's the book trailer for Perfect Chemistry btw, very different, but just as good!

If you haven't read Perfect Chemistry yet, do it now! It's an order :)

**Edit: Amber pointed out that the text in the beginning of this video says "the second book in the Perfect Chemistry TRILOGY! you know what that means, right? :D *Doing a happy dance***

5 kommentarer:

Morgan said...

Rules of Attraction looks so good, I'm amazed by the booktrailer. And they are so goodlooking, can't wait to read this book.

And congratulations on winning the caption contest!

Lea said...

I love the trailer for Rules of Attraction. Same w/ Perfect Chemistry! I definitely need to read them both...thanks for posting the trailers! :D

Bere said...

The trailer is great! I have yet to read Perfect
, but it is definitely in my
wish list and I hope to read it soon!
I've heard such great things on both books.

Lauren said...

I LOVE the book trailer for Rules of Attraction. And it makes me want to read this book even more then I did before, which I didn't think was possible. lol.

Mano said...


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