Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun-Post Friday

It's time for another World Premiere here @ YA Vampire Books! A few days ago, I introduced you to VOW (Vampire of the Week) - click on the link if you missed it! And today I'll launch a brand new feature called Fun-Post Friday! In this feature I will show you some fun things I discovered. It can be anything; a funny video, a webb site or a product. Mostly Vampire-realated, but also other things.
Got something fun you want me to highlight in a Fun-Post Friday post? Please leave a comment or contact me in any way!

Enough about that, time for today's post!

You have read books about vampires and you have watched movies about vampires - but have you ever listened to songs about vampires?

Here's a song called "Vampires Are Alive" performed by D.J BoBo. This song was actually Switzerland's contribution to the
Eurovision Song Contest, a yearly European music contest. What do you think, is it a hit?

Fan(g) Girl

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