Friday, September 25, 2009

Review: Night World No. 2

Title: Night World No. 2 (Dark Angel, The Chosen, Soulmate)
Series: Night World
Author: L. J. Smith
Published: As stand-alone books 1996-1997.
Together as Night World No.2 - 2008

About the books:

In Dark Angel, Gillian is saved from drowning by her guardian angel. Only visible to Gillian, Angel will fulfill her heart's every desire. But when Angel starts making strange and sinister requests, Gillian must question who he truly is and what his intentions are.

Armed with a wooden stake, martial arts, and the will to resist a vampire's mind control, Rashel struggles to avenge her mother's death in The Chosen. Then she meets Quinn, her soulmate, who is part of the world she has vowed to destroy.

Hannah receives notes warning her of incredible danger in Soulmate. But if death is her destiny, is the Lord of the Night World's love strong enough to save her?

My thoughts:
This book was great, much better than Night World No.1! All three stories were mysterious, romantic and action-packed. This book is about 700 pages - but they flew by! I couldn't stop reading.

My favourite story of these three was The Chosen.
Since Rachel's friend and mother were killed by a vampire, Rashel has sworn to kill every vampire she discovers, and has devoted her life to tracking down her mother's killer. She has become the most feared vampire hunter among the Night Worlders. But when Rashel meets Quinn - a bad-ass vampire with a reputation to to match her own, she finds herself unable to kill him. The meeting leaves the both of them confused -and very much alive- and they discover a bond between them, that could be their undoing.

Rachel and Quinn's characters were great - they were both very stubborn and kick-ass, but at the same time very caring and tender.

L. J. Smith is a great author - even though all the Night World books have the same theme - human meets non-human and they fall in love - she manages to deliver unique and inventive storys with well-developed and colorful characters, every single time.

Rating: 5 of 5
Fan(g) Girl