Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review: Vampire Academy

Title: Vampire Academy
Series: Vampire Academy (Book 1)
Author: Richelle Mead
Released: 2007

About the Book: Rose and Lissa may act like two normal teenagers - but they're not. Rose is a Dhampir - a mix between a human and a Vampire, and she is a guardian for her friend Lissa, who is a royal Moroi (the good kind of Vampire). They have been on the run from St. Vladimir's Academy, their Dhampir and Moroi training school, for over two years. A lot of people have tried to catch them, but not succeeded - that is until Dimitri, one of the best guardians in the world, shows up. Rose and Lissa are being dragged back to the boarding school - and the danger they tried to escape from.

Back at the school Rose and Lissa have to make up for the years they lost while they were on the run. Rose has lost a lot of valuable guardian training - so she gets a personal trainer to help her improve her skills. And it's not any teacher - it's Dimitri, the hot seven years older famous Russian guardian, who took them back to St. Vladimir's. A dangerous attraction are formed between Rose and Dimitri - and they both do their best to ignore it. But Rose has more things to worry about than her forbidden romance; the school's ruthless social scene, the unspeakable nighttime rituals, and most of all, saving Lissa from the danger that hovers over her.

My Thoughts: The Vampire Academy books are absolutely amazing! If you haven't read them yet - do it right now! You won't regret it.

This book has everything - drama, suspense, mystery, friendship, humor and romance -
forbidden romance.

Rose is a kick-ass heroin. She's smart, strong, funny and caring. She's cocky, outspoken and very, very brave. I wanna
be Rose, or at least have her as a friend!
Dimitri is another great character - he's a badass guardian, protective, mysterious and very sexy. All characters were great and very well-developed.

So again, this is an amazing book - READ IT!!

Rating: 5 of 5

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brizmus said...

These books are up next on my to be read list. I'm really excited about them.
You make them sound fantastic!

Myra said...

I just read Shadow Kiss but I haven't read the earlier books. I can't wait to get hold of them!!!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Shadow Kiss!!! I'm supposed to be in the middle of my exams so my mum won't let me buy more books but I'll definitely get Blood Promise next time I go to the bookstore!!!

I'm so gonna check out other books you recommended. By the way, have you read the Grave Series by Jeanine Frost? They're absolutely AWESOME! Just a suggestion. =)

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

It took me forever to get roun to this series, and I totally agree: these series are amazing! I loved Rose, too, she was great. I'm on Shadow Kiss, and absoltely loving it! I can't wait to read more of the series. Which books do you recommend if you liked this book? I'd love to read more books like the Vampire Academy! Anyway, great review and a brilliant series.