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Moonlight follows Mick St. John, a private investigator - and immortal vampire, and his struggle to exist after he was bitten 60 years ago by his vampire bride, Coraline, on their wedding night.

Mick meets online newspaper reporter Beth Turner at a crime scene, and they solve the murder case together. As time goes, Mick and Beth get to know each other better and better, since Beth frequently accompanies Mick during his investigations. But is this really the first time these two meet?

As he works, Mick must deal with the ups and downs of being immortal, his adversaries in the vampire world, Coraline, the woman who turned him into a vampire, and the forbidden love he feels for mortal Beth.

Starring Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St. John, Sophia Myles as Beth Turner, Jason Dohring as Josef Kostan and Shannyn Sossamon as Coraline.

Moonlight aired on CBS during 2007 and 2008. Moonlight was cancelled after 16 episodes, even though it won the People's Choice award for "Favourite New TV Drama" and had a large loyal fan base.

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Mandy said...

I just started watching Moonlight like 2 weeks ago! It's pretty good. I LOVE Jason Dohring as a vampire. I think it ultimately suits him!!

Mandy from Edge of Seventeen

Unknown said...

This is one of best and my favorite tv show. i have watched all episodes of sesaon1 of this show. its first season, 16 Episodes were aired and it got 7 million viewers per episode. The storyline and character of this show is very good. i mostly Watch Moonlight Episodes online. your blog is very nice. Thanks for this blog.