Monday, December 7, 2009

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Please tell me about a Vampire you think should be featured on "Vampire of the Week" and why he deserves it! Doing this will get you FIVE bonus entries in My Contest!

It could be a vampire from a book, movie or TV series.

Example: "I think Edward from Twilight would make a perfect
Vampire of the Week! He's a vegetarian, and so sweet and caring of Bella. Such a gentleman!"

To get some inspiration, take a look at my previous VoW posts:

Edward (Twilight)
Emmett (Twilight)
James (Twilight)

Angel (Buffy)
Spike (Buffy)

Damon (Vampire Diaries)
Stefan (Vampire Diaries)

Dimitri (Vampire Academy)
Mick (Moonlight)
Eric (True Blood)

So, who do you think would make a perfect Vampire of the Week? Leave a comment! Remember, doing this will give you FIVE extra entries in My Contest!

Fan(g) Girl

* This is a scheduled post, I'm currently on vacation and won't be able to respond to any comments or e-mails until I get back home *

22 kommentarer:

Trollololol said...


I HAVE to say Dracula! Come on, he is the original vampire; with out him, would we even have all these other great vamps?

Reversing The Monotony

brizmus said...

I ideally would have suggested Damon, because I love him and all. But since you've already done him, I'll have to find someone else. Hmmmm. . .okay so my next thought would have been Spike, but you've already done him as well.
So now I'm settling on Claudia from Interview with The vampire - I hope it's okay that I've chosen a girl. :-)


Unknown said...

I think that Edward Cullen deserves to be vampire of the week, He is a sweet and nice vampire,he doesn't feed on humans and is sweet to and in love with a human named Bella.He loves his family.

StephTheBookworm said...

Lucius from Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side! He's awesome, and really cares about Jessica.

Zombie Girrrl said...

+5. That's easy! Risika from In the Forest of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.
Why: because she's a kick butt vampire/character with awesome powers and a great story! The power struggle that Risika goes through to claim her place in the vampire society is amazing! The world is one of my favorites; it's got Harry Potter depth and every character has a back story. Plus she's got tiger-striped hair which is, like, so cool! These are my favorite vampire books of all time, and if you haven't read them (The Den of Shadows is the series name) then you need to do so now!
Hope you're having an awesome vacation!

Brodie said...

Ohhh tough one! Okay... well, Vampire Academy is my fav vamp series and since you've already done Dimitri - Adrian or Christian! :D Both make me laugh and despite their exterior (both project quite different ones) underneath there is a love and loyalty that is quite strong. Christian adores Lissa, but he's still a sarcastic fire extraordinaire. And Adrian - it's obvious he has strong feelings for Rose plus the protectiveness he showed toward Jill - there's a soft teddy bear hidden behind his flirtatious and party-boy front!

Oh and (I know, you said one suggestion! Buut...) I agree with stephthebookworm too, Lucius would be a great one to do!

Thanks! Hope you're having a great vacation! :D

Anonymous said...

+5 Godric from True Blood (Eric's maker) because he's hot and things only get better with age!

Jessy said...

I think you have to have Simon from the Mortal Instruments Series because he is a new one and can talk about the changes he's going through.

Justine said...

I cannot agree more with what The Book Vixen said above: Godric from True Blood!!! He's really awesome and he's such a hero. I loved him <3

nikniknik said...

Vampire of The Week should TOTALLY be Stark from the House of Night books because he's
1. not annoying (Like all the other vampire boys in those books.)
2. a damn hot man<3
3. && because he has the coolest vampire name ever.

Holly said...


What about Dracula?

Sena said...

I've always liked Spike from Buffy! I think he's the coolest blond vampire :) Tough and sexy!

Karen said...

well,i agree with what some said before about Christian and Adrian from the Vampire Academy series,they're great <3
and Godric from True Blood too !!

I would have to add Balthazar from Evernight ,because he's a really great character,he really cares about Bianca ,and he's a gentlemen,i don't know,i just adore his character ^-^

Kristen said...

I second Lucius from Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.


Aik said...

I love Edward! But since he's been featured, then how about his 'dad' Carlisle?

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I love Pam from True Blood. She can totally kick butt, but still be pretty and girly.

Llehn said...

How about Christophe from Strange Angels? Because he is mysterious and sexy and half human so I am intrigued by him.


Spav said...

I would add Bones from the Night Huntress Series from Jeaniene Frost because he's funny, powerful and very charming.

ninefly said...

definitely Eli from the Swedish book/movie Let the Right One In! I loved the movie because it was such a fresh take on the vampire convention
Eli is in a child's body though s/he is probably pretty old, and makes friends with a bullied boy, Oskar. their little love story is so twisted but sweet at the same time ♥


maered said...

Conrad Wroth from Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole. Why? Because he started out as a crazed, tortured vampire but sorted himself out in order to better protect his heroine. He is incredibly sexy, and he's a Virgin Vampire. Come on, he needs to be on Vampire of the Week for that alone!

Mandy said...

Adrian or Christian from Vampire Academy =). Yes, the've been suggested already, but thats because they deserve it. =)

Sheere said...

+5 I think that Simon form Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series would be perfect! He is so sarcastic.. Raphael would be a great choice too, he is the kind of guy that it is badass one moment and helpful the other..