Friday, November 27, 2009

Contest Alert!

I've got two big international contests for you:

Reading with Tequila
is having an awesome, international contest! Take a look:

20 Books to Chose From

3 Winners
1st winner = 3 books
2nd winner = 2 books
3rd winner = 1 book

But That's Not All
Reaching 150 followers will add another winner = 1 book
200 followers adds another
250 followers another
300 followers and another
For a Total of 7 Winners

Head over to her blog and enter!

Tynga is celebrating 300 followers with an amazing contest!
Head over to her blog, Tynga's Urban Fantasy, to enter!

There will be a total of 4 winners

1st winner - 3 books of their choice
2nd winner - 2 books of their choice
3rd winner - 1 book of their choice
and the 4th winner will win a custom-made blog button!

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