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Review: The Vampire Diaries (TV)

Is anyone watching the Vampire Diaries? If you are, what do you think?

I was kind of anxious about the TV series not being good after I had read, among other things, this from the author L. J. Smith's website:

September 10: The Vampire Diaries TV Show on the CW at 8 Pacific and Eastern, 7 Central!
"May I make a plea for everybody to try to be patient (especially with the pilot episode)? The Twilight Zone feeling rapidly diminishes after that. Ian Somerhalder is being recognized as a superior villain; and I feel sure that under those brown curls Elena's scheming mind is simply waiting for an opportunity to emerge. Really, guys, the series people have been nice to me lately and I get to hear about (and I hope get, to give to you) freebie things like posters and "sunscream" and "Fang" dental floss, all part--along with a blood drive ("Starve a Vampire: Donate Blood!) in New York. Even Brazil is all het up about the books and the show. I've waited this long to speak out, and my verdict is: give it a chance. "

I've just recently started watching the The Vampire Diaries (one of the many negative things about not living in the US), I have seen four episodes so far - and I have to say that I love it!! The first episodes aren't slow at all - they are fast-paced, dramatic, creepy, addictive and fun! If you haven't watched it yet - start doing it! You won't regret it.

There are, of course, some things that separates the TV series from the books;

* First, they have changed Elena, the main character, a lot. And no, I don't mean her hair color (Oh my God - they've changed Elena's hair - she is supposed to be BLOND! I can't watch this show!), I mean her personality. To the better, I have to say. Elena is much more likeable in the TV series; she's not bitchy or selfish at all, she is instead very kind, a bit guarded and shy.

* Elena now has a brother, instead of a sister. His name is Jeremy and he became a drug addict after their parents death. Elena and Jeremy's parents died in a car accident a few months ago, so they are now living with their aunt, Jenna Sommers.

* Vicki is now Matt's sister, instead of just another friend.

* Meredith, one of Elena's best friends in the books, is not a character in the TV series.

* Stefan is apparantly keeping a journal too, which actually makes sense when the name of the series is The Vampire Diaries.


The Excellent:

Ian Somerhalder is perfect in the role as Stefan's dangerous bad-boy brother DAMON. I love his temperament swinging - he goes from kind and gentle to angry and death-dangerous in two seconds. I also love his sarcasm, cockiness, face expressions and charm. Damon was my favorite character in the books - and he is by far my favourite character in the TV series!

The Good:

Candice Accola portrays Elena's childhood friend CAROLINE Forbes perfectly. She is blond, dumb, naive, and insecure. And she hates when Elena gets all the attention (and all the boys).

Both Steven R. McQueen and Kayla Ewell are doing great jobs with their characters JEREMY and VICKI. They are very believable in their roles, Steven as a grieving and troubled teenage boy and Kayla as an insecure, troubled girl torned between two guys.

The Okay:

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley who play the main characters, ELENA and STEFAN are doing an okay job so far. Elena is, like I said, far from the Elena we saw in the books, so it's hard to judge Nina's job portraying her.

Paul's Stefan, on the other hand, is close to the Stefan we saw in the books, he's struggling with his past, and with resisting human blood.

Michael Trevino is doing a great job as TYLER, the popular jock and "mean guy" in the series. I can't see him changing into a werewolf though, but maybe they'll skip that part in the TV series.

The Bad:

Zach Roering is playing MATT Donovan, Elenas friend and ex-boyfriend. Zach is very different from the Matt I saw in my head, but he is doing an okay job portraying him.

Katerina Graham, who plays BONNIE, is as far as you can come from the Bonnie I had in my head while reading the books. Bonnie is supposed to be a small, wimpish and scared girl, but you see nothing of that in the TV series. Katerina is probably doing an okay acting job - I just can't see her as Bonnie.

So, honestly, this is a great TV show - if you don't already do so, you should watch it!

Rating: 5 of 5!
Fan(g) Girl

P.S. Remember this post I did about True Blood, the True Blood: Hotness factor? Chances are high that I will do a similar post about the Vampire Diaries, so keep your eyes open for that one - you don't wanna miss it! D.S.

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Book Crazy Jenn said...

LOVE it...cant talk about it :X Since I am in the US and we are further along - I like the series much more as a show, rather than the books - I was NOT so into the books - but the show is addictive :) We dont have any new episodes till Jan :( Which is really sad!

I think as the charactors grow you might decide you like Bonnie as she is - ;) She's kinda fun!

it's VERY different from the book in soo many great ways! Keep enjoying it!


I LOVE this TV show! I was a fan of the books and was a little disappointed with the pilot because it didn't stick to the book. But after a few episodes I'm glad they changed it! It has so many twists and actions - I absolutely adore it! Damon is also my favorite, he's so sexy but dangerous at the same time. Stefan is also a great characters, he's also very handsome. I really like where their going with it! :)

Sunbrarian said...

I have enjoyed the series so far and I am looking forward to new episodes next year!

Anonymous said...

omg, vampire diaries is awesome! i look forward to watching it all the time! It is completley amazing and addictive! i gotta say damon is my favourite character, i love Ian Somerhalder who plays him!

does anyone know when vampire diaries: the return-midnight is out in uk?

Alexis said...

hahha this comment thread is sooo old but anyway...i <3 vampire diaries... its soo :( for damon...way different frm the novels