Friday, November 27, 2009

Spotlight: Vamps Series by Nancy A. Collins

The Vamps series by Nancy A. Collins consists of three books so far; Vamps (2008), Vamps: Night Life (2009) and Vamps: After Dark (2009).

About the Books: When the sun goes down, New York's true elite all head to one place: Bathory Academy, where the young ladies of the finest vampire families are trained in shapeshifting and luring their prey.

Bathory's reigning queen, Lilith Todd, is the daughter of a powerful vampire businessman, and she knows exactly what she wants from life. She wants to look beautiful for eternity and party till the sun comes up with her gorgeous boyfriend, Jules. And she doesn't want any New Blood upstarts standing in her way.

Enter Cally Monture, an unexpected threat from a trash zip code. When their first meeting leads to tragic results, Lilith is hungry for revenge.

About the Author: Nancy A. Collins (born 10 September 1959) is a United States horror fiction writer best known for her series of vampire novels featuring her character Sonja Blue. Collins has also written for comic books, including the Swamp Thing series, Jason Vs. Leatherface, Predator: Hell Come A Walkin and her own one-shot Dhampire: Stillborn.

My Thoughts: Based on the summary this series sounds like a mix between vampires and Gossip Girl. The concept doesn't seem very original, the series is set among New York's elite just as many other resembling series, Blue Bloods, Gossip Girl and The Elite for example. And like those series there is a fight between the rich, popular mean girl and the kinder, poorer and shyer new girl.

To be honest, this series doesn't sound very interesting to me. . . I'm not a big fan of designer-dropping books like Gossip Girl and Privileged. But what do I know? This series might surprise me!

Have you read any Vamps book? What do you think, is it worth reading?
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~*Ruby*~ said...

never heard of this book before you blogged about it.
but it seems interesting for me. i'd give it a go if my TBR list isn't too huge now!

Anonymous said...

I've read it and I think it's a hilarious series. Though depending on what boks you like you may find it a little borig

Anonymous said...

ive read 2 of the 3 books in the series.
its not an extremely original book series, and like you said, its been done before. But it's addictive and funny, and the author has a good wit and style.
If you like vampire books, vamps is a good one.

Anonymous said...

i have read all of the books and i finished them all within like a week and im am sooooo ready for a very anticipated fourth book

Anonymous said...

I read the books in 3 days.... I love the books when is the next one comming out

Anonymous said...

i just read all of the books in this series in 3 days... i love these books if you like vampire books you will love this book

Anonymous said...

Such addictive books! When the hell is the new one comming out? It's been waaay too long.

Anonymous said...

i loved this series and bought all of the books....i waited around 2 years and thought there would be a fourth by now but i recently heard that the publishers dropped it for now. Not sure if and when a fourth book will be out.

Anonymous said...

The books were a quick read that I couldn't put down. I hope the publishers realize they have made a huge mistake by dropping the series and get the fourth book out soon

Anonymous said...

I love these books I have read them over and over again im trying to find a place that has them so I can buy them im not much of a reader but these books had me on the edge of my seat. please please please please make more you have no clue how many people would read these. you are making a huge mistake if you don't make anymore why start a story and not finish it. I would be very heart broken and disappointed. so please make another im a huge fan of the vamps novel.

Darren Daiboa said...

It's so nice to see Vamps by Nancy Collins here. I've read all three and I recommend them. I also recommend Vamped by Lucienne Diver. The House of Night series is more Wiccan than vampire, but worth a look. Good thing there there are lists to help people find other books. Like this one