Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thoughts about New Moon: the Movie

So, I went to see New Moon on Tuesday night, and what can I say about it?

Well, New Moon was A LOT better than Twilight:

* The movie wasn't as rushed as Twilight
* The special effects were great and very well done (I even noticed the sparkling this time!)
* The movie stayed very true to the book

The Pros:

* Taylor Lautner did a great job as Jacob Black, he was probably the best actor in the movie
* The chemistry between Jacob and Bella was great
* The fighting scenes + other special effects
* I loved the wolf pack, those guys were funny, and you know well-built ;)
* Jacob's muscles and body!

The Cons:

* I wasn't that impressed with Rob Pattinson's job as Edward in this movie, he had one facial expression - suffering
* Bella's nightmares. Does anyone really scream that high when they have nightmares?
* I wanted to see more of the wolf pack, and more of the Cullens
* It was so sad to watch Bella break Jacob's heart over and over again...
* Edward's muscles (fake!) and body (pale & hairy)

So to sum it all up - New Moon was great, and I wished the movie had been even longer...
Jacob was adorable - especially in the rain scene.
Bella was sissy and selfish as usual,
and Edward wasn't hot at all in this movie. Is it just me or does he always sound superior and disparaging when he speaks?

I'm so Team Jacob in the movies!
Fan(g) Girl

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Omg everything you said I totally agree with!!! Jacob made the movie for me. Also ew Edward's body was not cute, did you notice that one nipple was bigger than the other?? And yes Bella's screaming was so fake, you're right no one screams like that - she sounded like she being killed or something....great review you pretty much summed it all up! :)

Lily Child said...

I have heard other reviewers complain of RPatz acting in this one. I am going to see it this week, I am so excited! Thanks for the review!

Dr. Chris Mohler DDS said...

Doesn't the third one come out on video sometime soon? Or is it already out at blockbuster or redbox?