Sunday, April 4, 2010

In My Mailbox (week 13)

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The Clearing by Heather Davis

Amy, a sixteen-year-old recovering from an abusive relationship, moves to the country to start a new life with her aunt–all she wants is for everything to be different. In the clearing at the back of Aunt Mae’s property, she makes an amazing discovery—Henry, a boy stuck in the endless summer of 1944. Henry and his world become Amy’s refuge and she begins to learn that some moments are worth savoring. But when the past and present come crashing together, both of them must find the courage to face what is meant to be, even if it means losing each other forever.

I think this book sounds awesome, and I'm so glad that I got a chance to read it!

* Won from Tera Lynn Child's blog *

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Nina said...

Great book, I have heard of it before and it sounds very nice. Well have fun reading it. :)

Lena said...

I just read The Clearing last week and it's great! So sweet and sad. I hope you enjoy it. :)

the story siren said...

i've heard this one is good! i hope you enjoy it! happy reading!

Faye said...

awesome book. I read Heather's Other book NCW. I really want 2 read this one! Happy reading!

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Wow, I've been seeing this book on the blogs and I really really want to read it! Can't wait for your review!

ck.twilighter said...

Intriguing!! 16 yo old and already recovering from an abusive relationship!! Sounds like a great story and probably insightful into abuse!=)

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Bere said...

Wow! Sounds like a really interesting read.
I haven't heard of this one before. I'm off
to do some research on it hehe. Happy reading

vvb32 reads said...

ooo, sounds like it may have a time travel element in this. i like it.

Lori said...

I hope that you will enjoy your book.